Part I – Getting started and opening an account
1.1 What do I need to play at this casino?
1.2 How do I register and open an account?
1.3 Is it free to open and maintain an account?
1.4 Can I use the same account to Play For Free and Play For Real?
1.5 What do I do if I forget my AccountName / password?
1.6 How do I report my account lost or stolen?
1.7 How do I change my AccountName or password?
1.8 How do I update my personal information?
1.9 Can I have more than one account?
1.10 How do I close my account?
1.11 How often must I login to keep my account open?

Part II – Play for free versus play for real modes

2.1 What is the difference between Play For Free and Play For Real modes?
2.2 Can I switch between Play For Free and Play For Real modes with the same account?
2.3 Is the Play For Free and Play For Real software the same?
2.4 How long can I Play For Free?
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Part III – The games and the right suite for you

3.1 What are the 3 different suites and which will work best for me and my system?
3.2 What games are available in each suite and mode?
3.3 How do I use the Web Deluxe and/or Basic Suites?
3.4 How do I download and install the Download Deluxe Suite?
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Part IV – The Cashier, adding funds and cash ins

General Cashier questions
4.1 What is the Cashier and how does it work?
4.2 What is “ezEcash?”
4.3 What is the minimum and maximum deposit and cash in amounts?
4.4 How do I increase my credit limit or player status?
4.5 What is the Verification Code and how do I validate it?
4.6 Are there any costs or fees for using the Cashier?
4.7 What currencies does our casino transact in?
4.8 How do I get an account statement of my financial transactions and game results?
4.9 What payment methods do you accept for me to add funds to my account?
Adding funds to your account
4.10 How do I add funds to my account?
4.10.1 Using credit cards
(a) What credit cards are accepted?
(b) How do I add funds to my account using credit cards?
(c) Why does my credit card keep getting declined?
4.10.2 Using online checks
(a) What are online checks, are they safe and how do they work?
(b) Why should I use online checks?
(c) How do I add funds to my account using online checks?
4.10.3 Using Western Union
(a) What is Western Union, is it safe and how does it work?
(b) Why should I use Western Union?
(c) How do I add funds to my account using Western Union?
4.10.4 Using other payment methods
(a) ClearChex
(b) Wire
(c) Check by regular mail
(d) FirePay
(e) Central Coin
(f) Prepaid ATM
Cashing in and withdrawing funds from your account
4.11 How do I cash in and withdraw funds from my account?
4.12 Are there any restrictions before I can cash in and withdraw my funds?
4.13 Can I modify/cancel my withdrawal after I make it?
4.14 How long after I cash in will I receive my money?
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Part V – Bonus promotions and restrictions

5.1 What bonuses does the casino offer me?
5.2 I have a Bonus Code, how do I add my bonus amount to my account?
5.3 Are there any bonus restrictions before I cash in and withdraw my money?
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Part VI – Bugs, connection problems and interrupted games

6.1 Does the Starluck software have any bugs, software flaws or system problems?
6.2 I was disconnected in the middle of a game. What should I do?
6.3 What happens if I lost money because of a game or disconnection?

Part VII – Fairness, security and legal issues

7.1 Are the games fair, random and tested?
7.2 Is the Starluck software licensed?
7.3 What are the game instructions and rules for each game?
7.4 Is my account secure?
7.5 Is it safe for me to send the casino my personal and financial information through the internet?
7.6 What are my privacy rights?
7.7 Is it legal for me to play here?
7.8 Can I link to this casino from my own webpage?
7.9 What are the terms and conditions that govern my account?
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Part VIII – Download Deluxe Suite user guide

8.1 What are the minimum system requirements for the Download Deluxe Suite?
8.2 How large is the Download Deluxe Suite file?
8.3 Does the Download Deluxe Suite support Macintosh?
8.4 How do I install the Download Deluxe Suite using Microsoft Internet Explorer?
8.5 How do I install the Download Deluxe Suite using Netscape Navigator?
8.6 I have downloaded the software but it didn’t self-install or self-start, how do I find it on my computer to install and start it myself?
8.7 I have installed the software but how do I start it?
8.8 How do I turn on and off the sounds?
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