Code of Conduct

Accountability and Integrity:

At Online Gambling Casino, we believe that we are only as good as our customers know us to be. Therefore, the highest level of integrity is the only standard by which we can operate.


We employ algorithms and practices to ensure total fairness to every player. Our Random Number Generation (RNG) system operates at the highest level of encryption and randomness, to ensure fairness without exception.

Transaction Processing

Online Gambling Casino adheres to all laws in its jurisdiction pertaining to transactions, and additionally we abide by accepted transaction standards of internationally recognized banking institutions.


Online Gambling Casino is committed to prompt payment of customer withdrawals.

Total Customer Care:

Our commitment is to our customers. Online Gambling Casino abides by these principles of customer care:

Privacy and Data Protection

Our data encryption systems operate at the highest levels possible, ensuring total data integrity. We maintain a full time staff specifically for fraud detection and elimination. Customer information is never sold, rented, or shared in any way with any third party.

Truth in Advertising

We are truthful and forthcoming in all advertising and promotions. All published information about the operations of Online Gambling Casino are truthful and complete as they pertain to customer policies and relations. Our game instructions and rules, casino rules and registration procedures are made available online to the public.

Commitment to Customer Service

The highest priority at Online Gambling Casino is customer satisfaction. Thus, our Customer Care Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year round, to offer technical support, aid in dispute resolution, and answer questions.

Community Responsibility:

Being a responsible company means being an active part of a larger community: its people, its institutions, and its values. To this end, Online Gambling Casino is dedicated to:

Limiting Access by Minors

We require that new customers declare that they are of lawful age in their respective jurisdiction, and we pursue reasonable measures to verify this information.

Controlling Compulsive Gambling

Compulsive gambling benefits no one, not even a casino ultimately. We are committed to detecting and reducing compulsive gambling. We provide a link to Gamblers Anonymous on our home page, and we are constantly working to institute player tracking and controls to limit gambling patterns that get out of control.

Raising Standards Worldwide

We work to raise the bar of integrity worldwide, because we believe that operating at the highest standards benefits all.